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The Brand Helena Trusts

Double Eagle Massage Therapy is dedicated to providing the best healing experience for our clients. Our holistic, veteran-centered, research-based model of care enables us to meet the unique needs of veterans, while providing the highest quality massage therapy to every client. 

We are honored to be a VA Mission Act Provider. Our practice was designed to offer holistic support to veterans of every background and ensure that our heroes have access to the care, quality, and services that they deserve.  Our Veteran-centered model of care integrates a wide range of massage therapy techniques, client education, research-informed care, self care tools, and referrals to our network of skilled and caring service providers to empower our clients with the tools, resources, and relief necessary to begin to heal and learn to thrive. 

Every client benefits from our Veteran-centered model of care. The needs of our Traumatic Brain Injury clients lead to the development of highly effective protocols for headaches, migraines, nausea, stress and more. Our scar tissue treatment, intended for burns, shrapnel, and amputation scars, is highly effective for surgical scars, self-harm scars, cesarean scars, and to treat or even prevent stretch marks for our prenatal clients.  Our assessment, evaluation, and client  education procedures ensure that we are able to meet every clients needs, safely, effectively and attentively.

While most of our services are available to everyone we require a free consultation for clients seeking Oncology Massage or Pregnancy Massage prior to beginning services. This is to ensure that our program is as safe, effective, and supportive as possible.

Whether you are seeking to relieve symptoms of a chronic condition, recover from an injury, or just want to relax and enjoy a great massage, Double Eagle Massage Therapy is here to provide compassionate, skilled and and attentive care and support for every client, every visit.

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