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Double Eagle Massage Therapy

The Double Eagle


Our logo was inspired by our family brand. A brand is used to mark ownership, but they mean much more than that. A brand is a families legacy and their story. It is a symbol of their lives and the strength, loyalty, and dedication required to keep the business and the family growing. A brand inspires loyalty because it represents something worth being loyal to. It is our promise to only put our brand on only the best products and services. It is our hope that our quality care will inspire clients to choose our brand for all of their massage therapy needs. Be it on a steers hide or embroidered on massage robe, our brand is a marker of quality that you can trust.

Chawney Luper

Before I began my rewarding career in massage therapy, I was a client seeking relief for chronic pain. I had served in Afghanistan as a radio operator on convoys and received injuries to my lower back when my vehicle rolled over. I ignored the injury until I began having issues with mobility. I tried physical therapy, chiropractors, steroids, and many different medications. My symptoms continued to worsen until I was in constant pain and walking with the assistance of a cane. I was 23 and living with severe chronic pain. I couldn't run, I couldn't pick up my son, and family outings were difficult, slow and painful. I felt trapped in my body and I was losing hope. Out of desperation I went to my first massage.  When I got off the table I was able to stand up straight for the first time in 2 years, and I began to cry I was so happy.


I continued massage therapy and resumed seeing the chiropractor and physical therapist. Unlike the previous attempts over the years I began to make progress. Soon I began walking and progressed to light weight exercises. I practiced yoga, learned to manage stress in healthy ways, and worked with a doctor to find a diet that would help my inflammation. Within a year I was running and lifting weights. I would sometimes have flare ups of pain in the beginning but over time these lessened in severity and frequency until they stopped. I began getting strong and flexible and felt more like my old self. 


Two years later I felt like I had a new life, I was in the gym six times a week and studying hard for nursing school. but college was not a good fit for me and it didn't seem nursing would be either. I knew that I wanted to help people. I found a massage therapy school where I lived in Bozeman. It seemed like a perfect job for me and a way to give back what I had been given. I enrolled at Healthworks Institute in the spring  of  2017. As we learned about chronic pain and other conditions I learned that there was a biological, hormonal, or psychological explanation for the symptoms like depression and spasms that had made my pain feel worse. I learned that my grandfathers cancer pain could have been lessened with oncology massage and that scars from surgeries or trauma could improved with massage therapy. I loved pampering expectant mothers in pregnancy massage and helping my friends from college with aches and injuries as I practiced and built my hours. I knew throughout school that I wanted to open my own practice someday. After graduation I worked for other massage therapists and noticed that like the VA and hospitals, there were gaps in holistic practices as well. I wanted to create a practice that filled  in those gaps, mainly I wanted clients to feel heard, feel some level of immediate relief, and to empower them with the knowledge and tools needed to heal or relieve painful chronic conditions, while giving them a relaxing luxurious experience one would expect when getting a massage.


I have been practicing massage for 3 years and I have over 800 hours of education in Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Temple-Style Lomilomi, Scar Tissue Treatment, Stretch Mark Treatment, Reflexology, Acupressure, Stone Massages, Aromatherapy and Oncology Massage. I integrate pain relieving techniques with relaxing modalities to create an enjoyable and effective healing experience. 

Veterans Care

As a young Marine I served as a Radio Operator supporting convoys across Afghanistan.  During and after my service I saw the immediate and long-term effects of war on myself and the men I served with. I started Double Eagle Massage Therapy to help veterans heal. Many Veterans present with multiple chronic conditions, that may be being treated by multiple other interventions. Massage Therapy is an ideal complementary therapy for veterans. Massage therapy is proven to reduce pain and stress in birth the short term and long term. Massage therapy can also be used to treat more severe injuries such as TBIs or amputations caused by blasts. In these cases massage therapy can be used to manage the severity and frequency of symptoms such as headaches, nausea or pain or to improve the function of scar tissue. Massage therapy also provides relief for trauma by effecting the endocrine, fascial, and nervous systems of the body. Our practice was designed to meet the needs of every veteran while providing a clean, comfortable, and healing environment. 

Oncology Massage

I lost my Grandfather John to Stage IV prostate cancer.  Living in rural Wyoming his options for treatment and managing symptoms and side effects were very limited. He fought for many years, but lived with constant and ever increasing pain and fatigue. He battled with depression and isolation as his fatigue and pain caused him to nap often and miss out on spending time with family and friends or in the outdoors. After he passed away I began my career in massage therapy dreaming of specializing in oncology massage. Our Oncology Massage Program is designed with client safety, comfort, and support as our top priorities. We work with our clients and their health care team to create a treatment plan that supports the client holistically as they battle cancer. Oncology massage helps to combat the effects of treatments and cancer including nausea, pain, fatigue, stress, and depression, while helping the body to heal and supporting the client through compassionate touch. We work with clients from diagnosis though survivorship and connect clients with compassionate providers and effective services for reconstruction and remission care. We are dedicated to client safety and comfort above all and follow Society For Oncology Massage standards for care and safety.


Women's Care


Our practice was designed to meet the needs of every veteran, nearly ten percent of veterans are women. Women often serve in support roles exposing them to dangerous chemicals, equipment, and overuse injuries as they work in stride with their male counterparts in a smaller body. Women also serve on the front lines and can present with injuries traditionally associated with combat such as amputations or burns. Most female troops are also mothers and wives, putting their bodies and emotions through additional changes and stress. Women's cancers, infertility, pregnancy, pain, stress, and trauma are common among women of every background. Double Eagle Massage Therapy provides compassionate care for every woman and we are dedicated to meeting your needs. Our women's services are always growing and include pampering relaxation services, and treatments for chronic issues such as stretchmarks, dysmenorrhea, or infertility and oncology massage for cancers including cancers of the breast, uterus, cervix and more. 

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