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The secret to achieving your health and wellness goals

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

A Complete Transformation In Just Four Weeks!

Our Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatment consists of ten Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massages and our Lymphatic Care System. We can promise dramatic results in one week and a complete transformation of your body, health and confidence in just one month!

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment Plan

Your Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatment Plan includes:

Complimentary Consultation

Initial Session, Health Intake, Treatment Goals, Before Photos to document your progress

Lymphatic Health Assessment

Initial Session, assess presence of stasis, edema, lymphatic fibroids, scar tissue, adhesions, and other potential blockages. lifestyle, habits, diet, restrictive clothing, medications, and other factors that influence lymphatic system health, client education, height, weight ,and measurements will help to accurately document your progress.

Ten Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massages

Ten Sixty Minute Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massages in four weeks to reduce lymphatic stasis, break up lymphatic fibroids, and restore heath and function to the lymphatic system, before photos prior to each massage will help document your progress.

Lymphatic Care System

Seven lymphatic health tools and products to enhance and maintain the benefits of your Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

The secret to achieving your health and wellness goals

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a gentle massage technique that encourages proper functioning of the lymphatic system. Our lymphatic system is the least understood, studied, and assessed system of the body in Western Medicine. This is especially unfortunate in a medical system burdened by illnesses caused by chronic inflammation. The Lymphatic system supports our immune system and cardiovascular system as well as nearly every other system of the body as it is responsible for the removal and transport of waste, toxins, and debris from nearly every cell in our body. When lymph becomes stagnant, the noxious substances it contains begin to build up and cells cannot properly absorb nutrients or balance fluids. Manual Lymphatic Drainage helps to move this stagnant lymphatic fluid to areas of the system that are not blocked by scar tissue or lymphatic fibroids. As the lymph is moved away from these areas of the body fibroids, cellulite and inflammation visibly reduce and pain and symptoms of chronic inflammation begin to fade. Without chronic inflammation the chronic pain cycle and autoimmune dysfunction processes are interrupted, allowing complementary therapies such as diet, medications, or Physical Therapy to be more effective. Lymphatic fluid often builds up around areas where lymph nodes are located including the neck, upper arms and chest, tummy, hips, glutes and thighs. This puffy tissue is often confused for fat or excess weight. Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment will dramatically reduce the appearance and presence of excess lymphatic fluid resulting in a dramatic slimming effect. We encourage any clients wanting to lose weight or considering Liposuction or similar procedures to schedule a free Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatment Consultation first! Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatment is a healthy non-invasive effective alternative, and its often required with any plastic surgery procedure to achieve your desired results. Weight loss, edema, and chronic pain are the most common reasons for clients to seek Lymphatic Massage, but the health and wellness benefits are great for everyone! Book your 10 Session treatment now and let us help you finally achieve your health and wellness goals!

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