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Pregnancy Massage And Postpartum Massage

Pregnancy massage is the adaptation of massage techniques and client positioning to safely meet the needs of women during pregnancy and postpartum.


Pregnancy massage also includes considerations for women’s experiences across pregnancy including infertility prior to conception and procedures that can lead to pain and dysfunction such as cesarean sections.


Massage is often used as a wellness practice during and after pregnancy.


Pregnancy Massage may be an effective way to reduce discomfort and pain and improve conditions experienced by many women during pregnancy childbirth and postpartum


Common goals of pregnant women seeking massage include decreasing back pain decreasing hip pain decreasing shoulder pain decreasing neck pain improving mental health

Double Eagle Massage Therapy offers a luxury escape for pregnant mothers to find relaxation and relief during pregnancy. We offer inclusive pregnancy massage treatments that are safe and effective and provide relief from common pregnancy-related issues, and can improve your confidence and mental health during and after pregnancy. We provide a luxurious experience for pregnant mothers to relax and enjoy while prioritizing the safety of mother and baby and supporting them during this special time.


With our safe and effective treatments, you can effortlessly address the physical and mental concerns that pregnancy can bring while enjoying the luxurious experience of our pregnancy massage. Our Pregnancy Massage Services include pregnancy and lactation safe aromatherapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatment for pregnancy edema, and Stretch Mark Prevention Treatment. After the first trimester we use an assortment of pillows on the massage table to safely position mother and baby in side-lying or seated positions.


Prenatal Massage is available for individual treatments or in weekly packages specialized for each trimester. Prenatal  Massages and Packages make great announcement, reveal, and baby shower gifts! Our Pregnancy Massages are all inclusive and they are our most affordable service. We believe every mother should have the best experience possible during this precious time and we want to teach mothers and their partners to take care of themselves so that they can take care of each other and their children.


Our Prenatal Massage Treatments and Prenatal Self Care System can help to:

Decrease Pregnancy Edema 

Decrease Stretch Marks

Decrease Stress

Decrease Anxiety

Decrease back pain

Decrease hip pain

Decrease shoulder pain

Decrease neck pain

Improve mental health

Decrease the risk of Prenatal and Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Massage

Our Postpartum Massage Treatments


First Trimester Treatment Plan

Our First Trimester Treatment Plan includes Eight Prenatal Massages and our Prenatal Care System.


Second Trimester Treatment Plan


Our Second Trimester Treatment Plan includes 12 Prenatal Massages and our Prenatal Care System.



Third Trimester Treatment Plan


Our Third Trimester Treatment Plan includes 12 Prenatal Massages and our Prenatal Care System.


Postpartum Treatment Plan


Our Postpartum Treatment Plan includes 12 Postpartum Massages and our Postpartum Care System.


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